“What a great night…Turn up to our hotel [Pensiunea Muntele Alb] after 13 km of the worst road into the middle of nowhere. Had no food, no drinks and no idea what we were doing here really. Honestly a tad nervous but all over nothing!

The owner greets us with a shot of ‘Romanian Whisky’ says ‘Don’t worry about a thing’ before handing us a beer, a plate of food and introducing us to a phenomenal view across the plains of Southern Romania! Serious this place is unreal!

Then if thats not enough we meet two guests from nearby T├órgu-Jiu and their parents who sorted us out with beer and more food than we could eat, before a night under the stars with a bonfire and traditional Romanian music and dancing….I’m not gonna lie, this country is much, much more than I expected. And I kinda love it!”


Cheers mate !!!

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